Acreditamos que todos devem ter o direito fundamentalà propriedade digital.

O que é a TON

A The Open Network (TON) está colocando criptomoedas em todos os bolsos. Ao construir um ecossistema Web3 dentro do Telegram Messenger, a TON está dando a bilhões de pessoas a oportunidade de possuir sua própria identidade, dados e ativos digitais.
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Our Role

Established in Switzerland in 2023, The Open Network Foundation is a non-profit organization funded entirely by community contributions. The Open Network Foundation acts in the interests of the community by supporting initiatives that help achieve The Open Network's mission.
The Open Network Foundation empowers TON projects without controlling TON technology and is one of many network contributors in the decentralized TON Community. TON operates on an open-source codebase, allowing contributions from anyone, and has no single controlling authority.

Programa de Subsídios

The Open Network Foundation empowers community-driven initiatives to reach their full potential by offering coordination, support, and grants. This assistance is extended to projects identified, demanded, and valued by the wider TON Community.
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Conselho da TON Foundation

The Open Network Foundation team is made up of various TON Community contributors who bring together diverse expertise to actively shape platform development and drive TON's growth.
Steve YunPresidente do Conselho da Fundação
Barbara SchüpbachMembro do Conselho da Fundação
Manuel StotzMembro do Conselho da Fundação