We believe in the power of a decentralized future and self-sovereignty at scale.

What is TON

The Open Network (TON) is putting crypto in every pocket. By building a Web3 ecosystem within Telegram Messenger, TON is giving billions the opportunity to own their digital identity, data, and assets.
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Role of TON Foundation

The TON Foundation (TF) is a non-profit organization founded in Switzerland. 100% funded by the community. Acting for the community, TF supports initiatives that help achieve The Open Network Mission.
TF empowers TON Ecosystem projects yet does not control TON-related technologies. TON is an open-source codebase that anyone may contribute to. TF is one contributor in a decentralized ecosystem, and no single entity has the power to control TON.

Grants Program

TF empowers community initiatives. Supporting projects with funding, advice, and connections so they can reach their potential. TON Foundation offers grants for core TON infrastructure and strategic needs.
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The Team

Our group brings together diverse expertise from TON Community contributors. They shape platform development and drive TON growth.
Steve YunPresident of the Foundation Council
Barbara SchüpbachMember of the Foundation Council
Manuel StotzMember of the Foundation Council

Justin HyunDirector of Growth
Anthony TsivarevDirector of Developer Relations
Amy YeapInvestment Relations
Jack BoothDirector of Marketing
Ryan DennisDirector of Brand & Comms
Kirill EmelyanenkoCore Development
Anatoly MakosovCore Development
Juno PangGeneral Counsel
Max PertsovskiyDirector of Operations
Michael TehDirector of Finance